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It can be difficult to determine exactly what treatment is best for you without seeing you. People think they need laser treatments for sun spots, but upon examination it’s discovered they need treatment for acne scars.

That’s why Dr. Lantry offers free consultations. She, and usually one of our nurses, will look at your skin and explain the options and costs for treating your specific concern. The appointment is complimentary and informational, and you are never pressured to make an appointment.

Dr. Lantry offers consultations Monday – Friday from 9 am to 4 pm.


The Center

The Lantry Laser & Skin Care Center is a full-service medical spa that offers a long list of facial and body rejuvenation treatments.

We are, however, different from many other medical spas in that we are a doctor’s office, not just a spa, and Dr. Lantry is always here. While we do have nurses and an esthetician that perform treatments, Dr. Lantry also provides treatments and patients can always request the doctor.

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